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La Maison Dieu - Atout XVI - Symbolique des temps actuels :

La Porte du Ciel, la Tour L’inversion des points de vue La Révélation, l’Illumination La Transfiguration L’Épreuve majeure

This is NOT a political war, this is a war on consciousness, a cyberwar ... You have not been betrayed , except by those who used your trust to line their pocket.

Dont blame yourself for having been naive. Despite the outward appearence of the moment , nothing can stop the triumph of an awakened humanity .

It takes times , as the damage perpetrated is ancient and deep. One step at a time we engage through the birth canal , through the darkness and misery of the past, unveiled .

Hold tightly to all that is Good and keep walking forward , together . You Will yet see miracles happen.

Let your heart and your intuition lead your way , fearless and proud of who you are. And welcome yourself home


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