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40 Years ago I was so shy and scared

Scared of life

Scared of love

Scared of everything

I still couldn’t figure out how I could live in a world so chaotic, violent, full of paradoxes, injustices, lies… For years I hided behind the curtains of a blessed image of myself, trying to figure out what reality was

- compromising myself

- avoiding to dive into the vulnerable abysses of my fears

- longing for a nostalgic paradise lost

Escaping « what Is » was a manner of surviving the imposture of the Maya… least I believed it.

I was lost in translation

Despite my anger and my deep rebellion I have been a spouse, a mother, an active-working-well-behaving citizen as anybody else, according to outdated morality patterns.

Walking through life in a default mode, for more than 20 years….. Until I collapsed

Until the crucial questions couldn’t be avoided anymore

Who Am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

I had to cross the fire boundaries of my fears, and dive deep into the other side, where my heart and soul where lovingly waiting to take my hand, on the way back to myself.

It’s a never ending journey of taking your power back, full of tears, epiphanies, wonder and unspeakable revelations.

No turning back from the medicine of the heart. From my purpose. From who I am

One at a time we are rising leaders of the new world, only together we thrive.

As Leaders we are showing the way to turn around this sinking ship of a society.

We who are well resourced are to put the new systems in place, working from our zone of genius and contributing with Heart, Soul and ACTION.

Every cell in the body is assigned to a certain part and needed for a thriving system. It’s a co creation. They all work together to keep the body functioning and healthy. If one cell goes off and says “nah, I’m gonna do my own thing”, then that is what we call cancer.

The Same thing is happening in our society.

We have forces in power running our countries who don’t care about the wellbeing of all people, but only looks around their own life for their own benefit.

This refusal to look outside of ones own neighborhood is causing major sickness in the systems, it’s a disease in the minds of people in charge and a cancer for the society at large.

If not everyone is winning, no one is winning.

We who are conscious need to get into the game and show up! Stop looking away and say “eeew not politics, that’s not for me. I am gonna meditate and it will allllll be fine.”

Meditation & visualization are great. But only sending your love and light will not heal the lack of moral and ethical behavior which is infecting and influencing our whole world.

It is through INSPIRED ACTIONS that we change the systems.

And when changing the systems, we change the world. It takes commitment, dedication, work and daring to get our hands dirty.

Roaring and saying NO. NO THIS CANNOT GO ON.

The fierce feminine is stepping in. Getting gritty and become as committed to the light, so devoted to LOVE, as the dark is committed to evil.

💖I'm here to embrace this young girl I was, with all the love my heart can give, to take her speak the truth she was unable to share, to break her silence, to walk in glory, TOGETHER, so that she will never be lost again 💖

I am here To support awakening. To use my voice and work on creating a new world that works for all.

We have to Stand our ground, To dare to be uncomfortable and shake people up.

I ask for the courage and energy to create radical change for the good of all of humanity.

I ask you today « dare to challenge yourself ! ».

Do your inside work AND your outside work as well. You deserve to thrive, to be abundant, to feel secure and safe by all means in order to live a life in your terms.

How can you amp up the volume of your Soul and work towards a world operating from a space of higher consciousness?

How can you lead yourself, your family, your community, your country? Being proud of yourself, of you achievements in service to the whole?

Dare to be uncomfortable, challenge the status quo.

As for me I’m not running anymore for people pleaser in chief!

Since that day 20 years ago It is literally my PASSION to empower the magical You to Gain clarity on your Love (R)evolutionary mission :

🌍According to the law of Nature

🐉Stepping into your inner celebrity

💫Gaining Alignment & “Intention

👁Envisioning the life experience you can create

🦄Falling in love with the magic in the uncertainty and process : When you walk through life with light only things of pure magic can unfold. 🌾💫🦋

This is for people who KNOW they are just suppose to be here.

We are living in the most beautiful time on this planet earth where you can live in abundance out of your natural gifts.

If you are feeling called to grow your impact and influence this world with love and a purposeful mission, learning how to thrive & LIVE in abundance, I invite you to MESSAGE me as it would be an honor to guide you on your (R)evolutionary vision.

Stay tuned. More to come early next week!. 🔥🌟💖

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