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Make peace with money 💵💵 , give you the right to be a Sovereign co-creator!Money is energy and perfectly reflect your self estime, your self worth, your emotions and feelings , your commitment to your passion, to your big Why.

They reflect the Master of creation that you are, your alignement with Source within ! 😀

If you are already in this place of zenitude & serendipity this post is not for you😉, stop reading.

Six months ago I joined a platform of Abundance and financial freedom, my last initiation on this plane , at least I hope so!!!!

I took a stand:

💥No more playing small, No more playing Victim☹️

💥No more Stress opening my bank account online💻

💥No more stress in waiting for the father of my kids to deliver the monthly check for their support….ooh gosh, how many years I’ve been trapped in that!!

💥No more stress in paying my monthly bills.

💥No more panic in retrieving cash in the end of the month, hoping my account was still on the right side of the zero point.I decided to Play for Real, co-write a new story of Abundance, Peace and Harmony for myself and for all.The solutions are out there, and few, very few are sustainable, ethical and effective. I was skeptical , very skeptical........BUT I eventually found an outstanding one that set my heart on fire and changed my perceptions and my life, definitely.

One in alignement and integrity, with an epic tribe of crazy and inspired folks ready to help you along the way, committed to help everyone to achieve their goals, having always this in mind : "if it is not good for all it is not good for me".


I can only teach and serve from my own experience, in integrity, and I Love it.

I would be honored to share the good news with you!We are at a point in His/her-Story in which we have nothing to loose but everything to gain....the old is fading away, the new is for us to create from the ashes, together, in purpose.

Beautiful co-creators out there , why procrastinating? Wear your crown, claim your scepter, Rise to the power of love!

YOUR LIFE is waiting for you NOW⌛️

Together we will build a better world, we have to lead by example, We are the ones we are waiting for😍😎!!!I will be honored to unroll the red carpet for you,🥁 if you are willing to take your first step to become the stage director of your unique and precious script.Drop me a ‘tell me more’ on the comments , I will be honored to satisfy your curiosity 🌹, it's FREE!

One for All, All for One


In Love

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