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" Oh My Child! My own dear Child!

How long I have been waiting.

I am still waiting.

A minute holds a hundred years

A moment lasts millennia

I am waiting.

I have given you all, The Earth is all yours

You are free in everything

You shall chose your own path.

All that I ask my Child

Is that you be happy!

You do not see me

You do not hear me

In your mind are doubts and sorrows

You are turning away, where-to?

You are yearning for something, what for?

And you are bowing to someone..

I stretch out my hands to you

Oh my Child, my own dear Child

Be happy, I ask of you!

Again you are going away. But your road leads nowhere.

On this road the Earth will explode.

You are free in everything, and the world is exploding

And tearing your destiny apart.

You are free in everything, but I shall Stand My ground.

I shall restore you to life with the last blade of grass.

And once more the world will shine around.

Only be happy, I ask.

On the face of saints a deep sorrow swells.

You are frightened by judgment and hell.

They tell you that I shall send judges

But I only pray for that time, as before

When you and I are together once more.

I believe you will return.

I know you will come.

I shall embrace you once more.

Not as a stepfather! Not as a stepfather! I am yours!

I am your Abba, your Father, the only One,

And you are my very own child, My own dear Child,

We shall be happy together as one!"

A prayer from God : Anastasia - The ringing cedars of Russia - Book 4 : CO-Creation

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