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Life, in all Its Activities everywhere manifest, is God in Action.

The natural tendency of Life is Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, and Opulence, for

Life cares not who uses It, but is constantly surging to pour more of Its Perfection into manifestation, always with that lifting process which is ever inherent within Itself.

"I AM"

"I AM" is the Activity of "That Life."

When you say and feel "I AM," you release the spring of Eternal,Everlasting Life to flow on Its way unmolested. In other words, you open wide the door to Its

natural flow. When you say "I AM not," you shut the door in the face of this Mighty Energy.

"I AM" is the Full Activity of God.

every time you say "I AM not," "I cannot," "I have not," you are,

whether knowingly or unknowingly, throttling that "Great Presence" within you.

When you make a declaration using the words "I AM not," you set in motion Mighty, Limitless Energy that continues to act, unless it is recalled and the imperfection consumed and transmuted.

This shows you the enormous power you have to qualify this Mighty Energy of God, and I tell you Beloved , dynamite is less dangerous,

when you say "I AM sick," you are just reversing this Principle of Life, which is naturally all Perfection; when you say "I AM sick," it is an abject falsehood in respect to your Divinity, which cannot be sick.

STOP! I say to you, giving power to the outer conditions, persons, places or things, and in the Name of God, every time you find yourself starting to say "I AM sick," "I AM broke," "I AM not feeling well," instantly reverse this fatal condition to your progress; and declare silently with all the intensity of your being—"I AM"

—which is all health, opulence, perfection, happiness, peace, and the power to recognize Perfection in yourself and everywhere else.

When you think of the expression "I AM," it means that you know you have God in Action expressing in your Life.

Awaken to the fact that your thought and feeling in the past have built —created

—the inharmony of your world today. Arise I say, Arise! and walk with the Father/Mother God, the "I AM" —that you may be free from these limitations. There is only one thing in this Universe that can surround you with limitation, and that is accepting the outer appearance instead of the Mighty, Active Presence of God in you.

Still yourself and breath more often.

When you have a feeling to do a certain constructive thing, go ahead, stick to it and do it, if the heavens fall. Whether the manifestation comes now or not should not enter into your consciousness at all!

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