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Sananda Easter Blessings , April 11, 2017

"Greetings, Most Beloved Family! I am Sananda, whom you know as Yeshua. And it is as Yeshua that I came, and then returned to the presence of all of the Beloved Ones of Planet Earth at that time. Now, whether or not you are still in the belief that I actually died my body upon the cross makes no difference. But, I used the same technique used during the initiations of the ancient Egyptians, for I knew how to do that. Remember as a young one, I went to Egypt and there I studied with the priests, who knew that I came as a messenger to teach. "What is important is the significance of Easter and the days of Easter before and after!!! And it is indeed to be celebrated, and most particularly in this era or time of Planet Earth, most particularly during this calendar year which you know as the year of 'One' - a beginning, because it is for the Resurrection for all of you who choose to return to the Light of Love! It is to bring back into your consciousness that which you already know in your Higher Selves, but which because of the veil and the missions that you have carried out in the name of accomplishing this great return, or Resurrection, your memories have been dimmed until now. "It is now for you to come back into the full consciousness of Who You Really Are!!! It is for you to resurrect all of the Love that you are and that the whole Universe has for you! It is for you to look into the mirror and greet yourselves as the Divine Ones - the Divine Beings of LoveLight You Are! It is for you to practice that which I have taught you - or in any other way you choose - the bringing in of the LoveLight, even more into your Beings. It is for you to literally raise yourselves into the Higher Realms, where there is only Love! And it is for you to teach, as I taught others to do the same. "This is my message to you and this is my thanks to you. I am honored with all of My Being that you are here together to share in this great Love We Are! I am Joy-full when I look out upon your timelines and I see the great Peace that we together are co-creating in the Hearts of all who choose to lift up into Love with us! And most of all, I am in Love with each and every one of you!!! Let yourselves open to feel this great Love We Are. Connect with it and enter into what I call the true Communion of Love, that we may come together in even more closeness in the beautiful energies of Love itself! "I would also mention that Easter is regarded as a time for Peace On Earth - when Peace is most appropriate, for 'the lion has lain down with the lamb' - when the World pauses for a moment to focus upon Love and the Peace, the true Peace, which can only come from Love and all that Love creates! "So bring it in, this great LoveLight. Bring it in, as I teach it,* or as you have learned it from any Master, or discern how to do it for yourselves. And as the wise one has said - the poet and the singers - 'Let the Peace come to all the Earth, and let it begin with me!' Each and every one of us has that Mission. Join with Me from this moment on, in remembrance that you are as I - Beings of LoveLight - and that together we shine forth the Peace and the Joy and the Love for all of Planet Earth and beyond!!!"


image : Alex Gray

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